Ardhi Engl
Foto: ©Ardhi Engl
Ardhi Engl - Trashkalimba Foto: ©Massimo Fiorito

Ardhi Engl



My instruments

While studying classical guitar at the conservatory, I became interested in music from other cultures (initially Indonesian gamelan) and contemporary music. Inspired by the music of pioneers like John Cage, I started experimenting with sounds and materials myself. With a large dose of play instinct and curiosity, a fairly extensive range of instruments has emerged from these experiments over the years. The experiments didn't stop with string instruments - my original domain as a guitarist. I expanded my work to wind and percussive instruments. What they all have in common is their minimalism, their reduction to the simplest -which is why I sometimes like to call them "backbreeds". Electric pickups and amplification replace the resonance body and at the same time act like an acoustic microscope that can penetrate into tonal micro-worlds. There are always new ways of playing and combinations to be discover. Questions about the nature of music and sound production also arise again and again.

The instruments have now proven themselves in a wide range of theater music, dance performance, improvised ensemble music and from oriental music to experimental cabaret performances with Gerhard Polt. Last but not least, they are also visual figures that can lead a life of their own as sculptures. They are unique. At the same time, however, they are often related to instruments from other cultures or are inspired by them. They build bridges to other cultures. My Bavarian-Sumatran roots may play a role in collaborations with musicians in Jakarta, the Chinese musician Xiao He, or in connection with the work of Lee Ming Wei.


Ardhi Engl - Stangerlbass Foto: ©Ardhi Engl


Aluminum tube, stainless steel wire, piezo pickup

Ardhi Engl - Triophon Foto: ©Ardhi Engl


1x String + 3x Blashybrid Instrument Aluminum tube, stainless steel wire, sax and trumpet mouthpiece, electric tube, microphone + piezo pickup + integrated minimizer

Ardhi Engl - Trashkalimba Foto: ©Ardhi Engl


Badminton rackets prepared with steel springs and guitar strings, spring steel wire, jigsaw blades, shish kebab sticks, several piezo pickups

Ardhi Engl - präparierte Framegitarre Foto: ©Ardhi Engl

Prepared frame guitar

from guitars rests, millstones piezo pickups

Ardhi Engl - Fujara Foto: ©Ardhi Engl


Overtone flute based on the Slovak model, PVC tube, clip micro

Ardhi Engl - Alurohr Dan Bao Foto: ©Ardhi Engl

Alurohr Dan Bao

Flageolet monochord with string  based on the Vietnamese model

Ardhi Engl - Steckerlgeige Foto: ©Helmut Klingele


2-string round wood with piezo pickup

Ardhi Engl - Kleiderbügelharfe Foto: ©Buscemi-Fiorito


9 steel strings in hangers

Ardhi Engl - Singtrommel / Voice Drum Foto: ©Ardhi Engl


Hall spiral transmits voice to an eardrum


German-indonesian guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, developer and designer of own Instruments and sound installations, sound researcher, performer and video artist. from 1972 classical guitar as autodidact, 1980-84 Professional Studies at Richard-Strauss-Konservatorium, Munique, then concert activity (including concert in Winter Passau) Co-founder of the Association for experimental music, since then numerous contributions to the annual Festival for experimental music. Indonesian gamelan music with "Cara Bali" 1986 - 1992 "Münchner Guitar Quartet" ( 1988 USA-tour) 1998 experimental Musik in Jakarta together with Indonesian musicians.

Since 2005 on stage with Gerhard Polt. Member of ensembles in the field of tension between Orient; Occident: Turkish ("Nihaylard") Sephardic (with S.Nahabian), Arabic (AERA Quartet); 2013 Music sponsorship award from the City of Munich. 2021 Instrument object exhibition as part of Lee Ming-wei exhibition in the Villa Stuck, Munich;2022 Duo with Norwegian jazz musician Karl Seglem, "Music and its shadows" with Ganesh Anandan and Nicolas Wiese, Berlin

Works and Recordings

Music and video works for dance: "Or in D" with Ruth Golic, "Flispernde Klangzwirbel", "Imagine - das blaue Auge", "Cari Bintang", "Spiegelungen" with Urte Gudian and theatre productions: Underground Blues" with Jörg Hube, "Anatol", "Hadschi Murat", "Die Menschenfabrik", "Coriolan", "Grounded" (Theater viel lärm um nichts), "Motherland-stille" (HochX) "die Schlacht" by Heiner Müller, "Weil du mir gehört st" and "InnHochX" (InnTachX). Music for readings: with Hanna Schygulla, Sybille Canonica, Cornelia Zetzsche, Tobias Moretti

Free Improvisational music/spontaneous compositions with Geoff Goodman (Metal, Wood & amp wire), Enrico Sartori, Sebi Tramontana,  "imaginäre Musik". Since 2018 text-music performances with Ruth Geiersberger Sound-Video-Installation for braided sculpture by Susanne Thiemann (Boutwell/ Schabrobwski Gallery and Seidl-Villa)

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