Stephan Froleyks
Foto: ©Ben Knabe
Stephan Froleyks - Messertisch co. Foto: ©Ben Knabe

Stephan Froleyks



My Instruments

When I was studying drums in the 1980s, I was already experimenting with friends with found objects, from which we made smaller and larger installations and improvised. After a long artistic and pedagogical work with these 'scrap instruments' - influenced by the composers Gunter Lege and Johannes Goebel - new, unique instruments emerged, which often tie in with biographical situations and/or were conceptually developed for specific projects. The organ pipes for the flute machine come from the village church in the neighboring village, the knife table is equipped with knives from friends from all over the world. I first work with the new instruments in an improvisational way, followed later by a phase of working with compositional sketches. Over time, these sketches take on a life of their own and become larger musical structures with a precisely defined structure. This preparatory work is brought to the point live: instrument, musical awareness and physique generate highly individual results in a risk-aware manner and in 'real time'.

The sound world of the instruments is very different, each one requires a special treatment and creates its own musical cosmos: the bowed string pan sets off on excursions into the overtone mountains, the steel blades are stroked or struck, the curved tuba, a creation of Johannes Goebel for Kalization I is expansive in the literal sense - bubbling, garrulous, babbling, imposingly majestic. The construction of new instruments lasted until the beginning of the new millennium, since then I have been working in/with the existing ones. In the course of the decades, very different types of music were created, and the playing of the instruments continued to develop.



Stephan Froleyks was born in Kleve on the Lower Rhine in 1962 and studied at the music academies in Hanover and Essen. He works internationally as a composer, performer and inventor of new instruments. Stephan Froleyks has received several scholarships and art prizes, his compositions, installations, radio plays, multimedia works and theater music were commissioned by WDR, Radio Bremen and Deutschlandradio, among others, and are performed at many festivals (Donaueschingen, Witten, Dresden, London, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo ...) listed. As a performer and improvisation musician (drums/tuba), Stephan Froleyks works as a soloist and with various ensembles in the broad field of contemporary music.

Concert tours repeatedly take him throughout Europe to South America and Asia. Stephan Froleyks is a professor for drums and music from other cultures at the Musikhochschule in Münster. In addition to his artistic activities, he works as an author (so far more than 200 texts for books, catalogs and magazines and curator of music and sound art festivals (e.g. and

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