Ensemble Imaginäre Musik - Acker Stadt Palast - Besetzung: Michael Vorfeld - Stephan Froleyks Foto: ©Steffi Weismann

Ensemble Imaginäre Musik

Contact: kontakt@oxuma.de

The ensemble IMAGINÄRE MUSIK was founded in 2017 by Silvia Ocougne. The ensemble is not only created with self-made instruments, sound generators and objects, but also through unconventional ways of playing and the use of a wide variety of instrumental preparations. Instruments as objects, objects as instruments. Constructions of self-made wind instruments, various stringed instruments, numerous unconventional percussion instruments as well as a variety of sound objects fill the stage and are made to sound in an unconventional way according to their appearance. The result is music that surprises again and again with its extremely wide spectrum and its never-before-heard tones, and the production of which casts a spell over the listener with a multitude of fascinating, visual aspects.

Members of the ensemble are musicians/composers and inventors of musical instruments who deal with it in the field of new/ experimental music. The size of the ensemble is variable, between 5 and 10 musicians depending on the project. So far we have worked with following musicians/composers:

  • Werner Durand (Berlin) - selfmade wind instruments;
  • Ardhi Engl (Munique) - selfmade instruments;
  • Mazen Kerbaj (Libanon/Berlin), trumpet;
  • Stephan Froleyks (Kleve), selfmade Instruments;
  • Andrea Neumann (Berlin) - inside piano;
  • Silvia Ocougne (Berlin) - prepared guitars/zithers, artistic direction;
  • Volker Staub (Frankfurt) selfmade Instruments;
  • Michael Vorfeld - selfmade Instruments, percussion, lightbulb.

Imaginary Music performs compositions by all participants, joint compositions and conceived improvisations.